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How You Can Help

If are interested in helping with any of the following, please write us a message. 
  • Communications- If you are familiar with Canva or another graphic design tool, spend all your time on social media, or have experience with fundraising, please email!
  • Facilitating - If you are someone who has been to several Alternatives to Suicide meetings (or you've taken the training) and are interested in becoming a facilitator, send us a message. If you are interested in attending a facilitator training, you can also visit Trainings dates and locations are released in the newsletters, which you can sign up for at the Wildflower Alliance's website.
Share Your Alt2S Story
We will not share your story on this page without your permission. Identifying information need not be included. Your stories can help new people find our community, and can also help us with fundraising.
May we share your story to this page?

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